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We make music for games, videos, shows and apps, delivered in a format that enhance the experience of your product. We make the music from scratch, tuning in on your vision, with the best result in mind.


Adding sound to your app or game makes it come alive. We breathe life into your characters with actors voicing, true-to-life sound effects and balanced sound atmospheres. 


The sound implementation can really make or break  a game. Even with the most astonishing music and sound effects at hand, knowing how to make it sound right is crucial. We are versed in this field and keep sound implementation in mind throughout the process.

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Sound4Apps is a music and sound production company based in Sweden. Our main goal is to develop outstanding music productions for our clients, no matter if they are next door neighbors or located on the other side of the world.  The company is part of a production network of creative people, making content for media and online platforms.  If you have a project in need of music or sound, we are happy to help. Please use the contact form to get in touch. Don’t forget to wash your hands – Stay safe and sound! 🙂

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